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Natural Cleaning Supplies for a Toxic-Free Home

Keep your home clean with a good conscience preserving your family's health as well as the planet. Natural cleaning products perform as well as or better than harsh chemicals while emitting no caustic fumes or causing harm. Many of these items are available in supermarkets and markets. All organic products are non-toxic and comply with federal, state, and municipal government environmentally preferable product purchasing programs. Cleaning products contribute to environmental issues such as water use and conservation, which is why organic cleaning products were developed. These products are excellent and do not contain any dangerous chemical toxic ingredients, as opposed to household cleaning products, which contain toxic chemical products that are harmful to your health and the environment. Stop using dangerous household products and start using safe cleaning products if you are truly concerned about the safety of your family's health and the environment. Cleaning your house m

How Long is Freeze-Dried Food Good For After it Has Been Opened?

Most manufacturers recommend using opened packages within one to three weeks of opening — Treat any leftover food as if it were fresh. However, in ideal storage conditions, the product can last for months or even years after opening. When you open a can of freeze-dried food, it is automatically exposed to two elements in the air: oxygen and moisture. That's why it's critical to use a plastic lid to keep as much moisture out of an open can of food as possible. For 6 to 12 months, you can open the can and eat the contents. The shelf life of food after it has been opened depends on a few different factors. These are a few of them: The food's quality when it is first opened The amount of oxygen and moisture exposure to food Food's degree of exposure to heat and light The food's quality when it is first opened: The more likely it is that the food inside the container has deteriorated, the older the storage gets and the more fluctuating temperatures it is exposed to -- be

Native Strategies for Surviving The Winter

Like all indigenous peoples, the Native Americans had developed ways to adapt to their environment, including the winters. They had "layered" clothing that was so effective it was used by the military to deal with it much later. In the coldest place on earth, the Arctic, they could use snow and ice to build shelters. All native Americans were skilled at constructing sturdy, long-lasting shelters out of natural materials that were sometimes mobile like the traditional tipis (tee-pees) you've seen in movies, often big enough to house entire families. They used local resources, sometimes very high in fat to meet their caloric needs during cold weather, to hunt and gather food. They were in a grocery store where a white man might go hungry. Some tribes also relocated yearly, first for the winter to more livable regions, then returning in the spring. Lastly, and this isn't something that is frequently mentioned, their cultures required sharing within a community. Nobody we

Eight Popular Myths About Survival That Will Aggravate The Situation

Considering urinating on a jellyfish sting or sucking the poison from a snakebite? Don't! Based on what you've read online, you might believe you know how to survive in the wild, but those suggestions could actually make things worse! 

Making a Homemade Fishing Rod

Fishing rods from the store can be very pricey. Making your own equipment might be more economical for the casual fisher. A bamboo cane, some PVC pipes, or even a straightforward stick can be used to create a homemade fishing rod. Not only is fishing enjoyable, but it's also a useful skill that should be learned. Fishing can be a great source of fresh, nutrient-rich food when camping or hiking, particularly in a rocky, remote area. If you know how to fish, you can always head over to your local lake, stream, or river and catch a fresh meal without having to worry about packing as much food. Additionally, fishing can give you the essential resources you need to survive in the event that you run out of food while camping, or, in the worst case scenario, if you get lost or are unable to find your way back to camp.  What would happen, though, if you failed to pack a fishing rod? What if your rod were to unintentionally break? It's interesting how easy it is to construct a homemade

Health Benefits of Garlic and Resveratrol

Unique health benefits of garlic It has qualities that could have a significant impact on some of the health issues we face in the twenty-first century. It is incredible how much of an impact a simple food can have on our health and well-being. Scientists are continually learning how powerful some of our natural foods, which have been all but forgotten, can be. Around 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates, the founder of medicine and possibly the greatest healer ever, penned the following: Let your food be your medicine, and vice versa. The Ideal Food Is Garlic That was a strong statement back then, and it is even more relevant today given the health issues of the twenty-first century. Garlic is an ideal food according to Hippocrates and has more health benefits than any other food. It is very nutritive and has recently been studied and recognized to have properties that promote health and fight disease. What Grows There? Around the world, temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions all suppor

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Different Types of Solar Cookers

What kind of foods are you planning to cook is one of the most important things to think about when purchasing or building a solar oven. Even though it might seem obvious, this will affect how simple, effective, and how well different foods cook when using a solar cooker. Of course, you could build or buy one of each type of solar cooker, as many people do, to cover all your bases. This would significantly increase your cooking capacity and shorten the cooking time. You might ask yourself: Do I prefer to cook high-moisture foods like soups, stews, meats, and chilies that are best for slow, low-temperature cooking, or am I more interested in baked goods like breads, cakes, cookies, etc.? The vast majority of solar cookers in the three major classes can all cook a variety of foods, whether they are dry or moist, but some are better suited to certain types of foods than others. A good-sized box cooker can bake food on a tray or baking sheet while simultaneously cooking a pot of fresh veg

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