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The Basics of Home Food Storage

There are certain fundamentals that if followed will ensure the quality of your stored food. You should first store what you eat, and consume what you stockpile. People in general store quantities of food they hardly eat during normal times. They have usually listened to others instead of themselves when deciding what foods to exactly store. We all know that it isn't easy to change eating habits overnight, even during emergency situations. It is commonplace to assume everyone will consume anything if they are hungry enough. Unfortunately, that is not the case, there have been many confirmed instances where people have resisted eating anything, and have chosen to starve themselves. The infirm, seniors, and the young are also averse to changes in their diets. The obvious answer to this problem is to stockpile foods that are to their liking and acclimate them to tastes of foods that they are particularly not familiar with that you may have decided to store. You probably already know t

What Should I Put in a Car Emergency Kit?

Although people prepare for major disasters, they often forget about the smaller things that can go wrong in life, especially while on the road. These sorts of emergencies can be dealt with a homemade or a purchased car kit equipped with all the items needed daily by persons, families and children. Preparing for everyday family car emergencies is not only wise but essential. People normally opt to carry basic automobile items – road cones, extra oil, flares, jumper cables, tire gauge, fire extinguishers, hazard triangles -- but car emergency kits (either purchased or homemade) will be useful for helping you deal with those smaller matters that can be just as effective in disrupting your day. An emergency car kit is a must for breakdowns, bad traffic, unusual weather conditions, and other phenomena that can hamper your travels and keep you stranded on the road for hours or days even. While preparing your emergency car kit, you should also consider including emergency supplies for each o

Prepare Yourself Mentally For An Emergency

The first part of mentally preparing yourself for a disaster or an emergency is to acknowledge that tragedy is a natural and an indelible part of existence on this planet. You must have a coherent vision of reality and what it encompasses -- never assuming for a moment that your life is impervious to disasters and terrible events. However, submerging yourself in incessant worry over a potential disaster affecting you will most probably have an inhibiting and paralyzing effect on you. Preparing yourself mentally will allow you to respond more efficiently and decisively in the event of a crisis. For starters, it is comforting to know that most emergencies/disasters  are survivable provided that you are ready in all possible aspects. A range of unpredictable emotions will engulf you as you find yourself in a novel, life-threatening situation. Therefore, it really is not possible to fully prepare yourself emotionally before any emergency. Nonetheless, just the act of being ready to experi

How Do You Plan For An Emergency?

Emergencies occur when we don't expect them, and usually when families are not in one place. Instantly, you need to think about your kids at school or elderly parents who are living across town or perhaps in another state. If modes of communication don’t work, or some neighborhoods aren’t accessible, what will you do? The only logical way to increase the chances of your family’s safety in these scenarios is to have an emergency plan ready. Consequently, it is important to plan in advance of a possible emergency. Having a stored plan, and talking about it beforehand with loved ones, will make the impact of real emergency situations less harrowing and give you direction. However, the absence of an emergency plan could lead to heavy losses such as several casualties and/or possible financial collapse of your family or even your business. Learn about possible emergencies, both natural and man-made, that can happen in the area of your residence and plan for the ones that are more likely

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