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Sanitation During Times of Emergency

Keeping clean during a disaster is obviously very difficult. In a crisis situation, you will not be guaranteed access to the amenities of modern day living you have easily grown accustomed to. In order to maintain healthy in terms of hygiene, it is advisable that you prepare in advance a sanitation kit for you and the family. The express purpose of a sanitation kit is to have the necesarry emergency supplies to keep yourself, your family members, the tableware and the dishes, and the clothes clean during a crisis. An Example of a Sanitation Kit Antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers Antiseptic solution Toothbrushes, toothpaste Washcloths and towels Shaving kit for men Feminine products Portable potty lid Five gallon bucket Portable potty chemicals Latex gloves Plastic garbage bags Water purification tablets Laundry detergent Clothesline Insect repellant If you look at the list above, you will realize that included within the items is a portable poty lid and a five gallon bucket. These ite

How to Prepare A 72-Hour Emergency Kit

Families and single people are usually told to evacuate their homes as fast as they possibly can during certain disasters. These people may end up being accommodated in makeshift shelters or at designated emergency camps. During such scenarios, you have very little time to prepare and will be given at most one opportunity to get your things and go. However, it is almost impossible to grab your essentials in a coordinated fashion in such a short amount time. In addition, some items may not even be available in your house. It is for this very reason that you have to prepare yourself a 72-Hour Emergency Kit in advance. A 72-Hour Kit is a collection of vital items that will help you survive during an emergency for up to 72 hours. Each individual should have his/her customized kit. Generally, in the worst case scenario, seventy-two hours is roughly the time it takes for help to finally get to the scene. There are times, however, when it takes emergency services longer to arrive – it's h

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