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Hurricane Preparedness: Riding out the Storm

Another hurricane season is here, and like some before, it’s predicted to be an active one with quite a number of named storms, some projected to hit the US. Though hurricanes generally come with some sort of warning, they’re still a bit on the unpredictable side and usually generate a strong “should I stay or should I go” debate as you ponder the best course of safety for your family. A quick note here; don’t worry about what “category” a hurricane is. If it’s called a hurricane it’s to be treated with respect just as a loaded gun is handled carefully regardless of the caliber. We’ll cover some of the “stay or go” decision-making criteria for you below, but for now we’ll start by saying that under certain circumstances it is possible to shelter in place safely, if you know how to R.E.A.C.T.: Reinforcement – Have you prepared your home structurally in advance, even if it’s just shutters? Equipment – Do you have all the supplies you’ll need on hand, or are you waiting for the last minut

How to Prepare for Tornadoes

By Paul Purcell The US has more tornadoes than any other area on the globe. We get them in the spring, as weather changes in the fall, when summer storms hit, and as byproducts of hurricanes. Though the Midwest is known as “tornado alley,” there’s really no place in the country that’s immune. Add to this the fact that hurricanes and severe thunderstorms can produce directional winds nearly as destructive as the vortex of a twister, and it’s easy to see that we need additional preparedness info beyond “duck and cover.” We’re going to cover the six main areas of tornado preparedness that will help you before, during, and after a tornado or heavy storm strikes. Appropriately, we’ll use the acronym S.T.O.R.M.S.: Shelter – Strengthen your home and know where to find expedient shelter. Time – Increase your chances of getting the early warning. Others – Safety and protection involves the whole family and communicating with others. Resources – You’ll need everything from immediate supply to go

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