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The ICE Sticker: Why You & Your Family Members Need One

Over 300 million cell phone users exist solely in the United States, and this figure is expected to grow in the coming years. Back in 2006, the CDC reported that 1.5 million emergency room patients could not give out contact information to medical personnel because they were incapacitated due to their injuries. Countless youngsters and adults leave home every day without emergency contact information and a means of identifying them if something bad were to happen. Nonetheless, all these people possess a cell phone. A worldwide campaign asking people to add an In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact to their cell phone began in the UK in 2005 and has spread to the United States. Entering an ICE number to your phone is a smart way of providing emergency or medical personnel with important contact information in case of an emergency. This simple idea was the brainchild of a British paramedic, Bob Brotchie, who understood the need for speed in contacting next of kin during emergency situations

The Best Ways to Donate in Times of Disaster

By Paul Purcell In times of crisis, Americans across the country have an immediate reaction of wanting to give and wanting to help. This is a very good thing, and it's one of the things that make this country great. When the Haiti earthquake hit and when the Chilean earthquake followed, people everywhere were organizing drives of various types to get some sort of relief on its way. Like with many good ideas though, a little polishing can make a good idea great. Let's look at just a few considerations that can make your donation during a disaster a win / win for everyone involved. Let's look at the best ways for you to G.I.V.E.: Goods - Donations of clothing and other items are good if done in the right way. Income - Sharing your cash is the most efficient way to help, but there are things you should know. Volunteers - Some disasters could use some helping hands on the ground, but others don't. Expertise - In some cases you can help victims get certain areas of their

Freeze dried foods: The history, the process, and advantages

Usually, ninety-eight percent of the water content is removed, which makes the weight of the freeze dried food light. This reduction in weight also significantly lowers the cost of shipping the freeze dried food -- adding to many of its known advantages: Long shelf life, low storage costs, great taste, and appearance). Freeze dried foods are popular because they require no additional refrigeration, while shipping and storage costs are very low. In addition, freeze-dried food is unstained, because the dehydration process precludes the survival of yeast and other harmful bacteria during and after the manufacturing process. Lastly, the food keeps most of its texture and flavor as it is prepared by adding water to it. A minor drawback of freeze-dried foods are the costs involved in its production. The equipment utilized in the process is rather costly, and the process is both labor-heavy and time consuming. Consumers usually bear the brunt by paying high prices for freeze dried foods as th

Why Having An Emergency Food Supply is a Good Idea

A majority of people are aware that obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions. Therefore discussing possible food shortages in this context might seem out of place. However, there is a collosal economic crisis brewing beneath the surface, which most Americans have yet to come to grips with. With crumbling national economies, volatile international crises, and possible civil unrest in the US, we must reconsider the blind confidence we have in what most think to be an uninterruptible and unlimited supply of food. It comes as no surprise that most people can't fathom how delicate and sensitive to external factors the system of food production and food distribution really is. There are plenty vulnerable points within the vast food network that could fail, and result in major foods disruptions. For example, if trucks are not able to deliver the food for any conceivable reason, such as an an ongoing energy crisis, the food on the shelves and food stocks will be depleted within

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