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Basic Home Water Purification

Water from an unsafe source can be contaminated after a disaster, even if it does not smell, taste, or appear tainted. Unless you're positive the water you're going to drink is pure, you'll need to purify it to eliminate any disease-causing germs and microbes. The post-emergency water purification procedure is as follows: Using a piece of cloth, sift solid particles from the water. Bring this filtered water to a boil for about one minute. Allow time for the water to cool. The cleansing of the water will not take place if this step is skipped. Add 7 drops of liquid chlorine bleach every two-liter bottle of water, or 14 drops per gallon of water. To combine, stir everything together. The sole active element in the bleach should be  (NaOCl)  sodium hypochlorite at a concentration of 5.25 to 6%. Furthermore, it should be odorless and colorless. The mixture should rest for half an hour. You can drink the water if it smells like chlorine. If it still doesn't smell like chlori

How to Make a Portable Toilet in an Emergency

What you will need A bucket of reasonable size (4.25-5.25 gallon buckets will do) Scented twist-tie trash bags Antibacterial hand-sanitizers, liquid soap, wet wipes Bleach, sand, sawdust, clumping cat litter sand, shredded paper to be utilized as a toilet filler  How to assemble the emergency toilet bucket Using a trash bag, line the bucket. The toilet filler should be placed at the bottom of the container to prevent spills and absorb liquids. Make a bleach solution by combining 1 part bleach with 10 parts water (1:10). How to use the emergency toilet bucket Fill the bucket with bleach solution when you've finished using it (to help prevent air-born contaminants from spreading). Close the toilet bag between usage with a twist knot. To cleanse your hands, use liquid soap or a sanitizing wipe. How to manage the toilet waste The toilet bags should be changed on a daily basis. Do not dispose of the waste-filled bags in the trash. Collect the bags until a way to properly dispose of them

What You Need To Have In Your Go-Bag

A go-bag is a group of items that you will need to have in hand in the event of a disaster or an evacuation. Pack one go-bag for each family member in a sturdy, easy-to-carry item like a backpack or a small duffel bag. Assemble an ID tag for each go-bag and store it in a secure, waterproof area where everyone in the home can quickly take it and go.  The following items should be included in your emergency go-bag: Water, one gallon per person per day  Nonperishable foods, freeze dried foods and MREs , energy foods, granola bars Copies of your important documents in a waterproof and portable container (insurance cards, birth certificates, deeds, photo IDs, proof of address, and other critical documents) Extra set of car and house keys Credit and ATM cards, and some cash Flashlight, candles Tent Battery-operated AM/FM radio with extra batteries Prescription medication. Also include a list of the medications each member of your household takes, why they take them, and their dosages, and a

Disaster Donations - The Best Ways to Contribute in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, Americans across the country have the immediate reaction of wanting to offer assistance. This is a very positive quality, and it’s one of the things that make this country great. When the Haiti earthquake hit and when the Chilean earthquake followed, people everywhere were organizing drives of various types to get some sort of relief on its way. Now that a cataclysmic series of events have rocked Japan, it seems that scammers are coming out of the wood work trying to take advantage of your generous nature and to get you to part company with your funds. Let’s look at just a few considerations that can make your donation during a disaster a win / win for everyone involved. Let’s look at the best ways for you to G.I.V.E.: G oods – Donations of clothing and other items are good if done in the right way. I ncome – Sharing your cash is the most efficient way to help, but there are things you should know. V olunteers – Some disasters could use some helpin

Medications To Take With You During Emergencies

Some emergencies are more probable than others depending on where you reside. Understanding the hazards in your region might help you think about how to prepare for an emergency or natural catastrophe. It may be a life-or-death situation if you don't think about your medication needs in an emergency. Everyone who needs medicine should think about how they'll keep their supplies safe throughout the sorts of critical situations they're most likely to face. There's just so much room in your emergency kit and you clearly can't carry everything, which is why emergency preparedness frequently morphs into a game of deciding what to retain and what to discard.  There are a slew of medicines, balms, and syrups that would be useful to have on hand. But, when it comes down to it, what are the essentials in your life ? When it comes to setting aside drugs for emergencies, there is no such thing as an all-round solution for determining what and the appropriate amount to keep on

Thoughts On The ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply

Wise Company has built a reputation for themselves as the creators of some of the greatest disaster preparedness meals, with an emphasis on quality, prepared foods. Natural catastrophes and emergency circumstances can occur at any moment, and knowing that you and your family have everything you need during that time is critical. Wise Company provides everything you need for emergencies as well as your next camping or hiking excursion, from vital survival equipment to fresh, nutritional pre-packaged meals. Wise Company has a large range of grocery goods for you to stock up on, ranging from freeze dried proteins and veggies to pantry staples like milk and butter. Not only that, but they also provide pre-made kits that include up to a year’s worth of food, ensuring that you will not go hungry no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Wise Company is an excellent alternative for survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts due to its low prices and one-stop shopping concept. When it comes

They Try Mountain House's Whole Product Line: 31 Meals

Hanging out with your  buddies? I've got the perfect idea for a night in! Taste testing all 31 Mountain House meals. You don't have to worry about cooking or running out of food. Get the scoop on all the best Mountain House meals, what they taste like, and how many calories they'll pack on.  Mountain House is the best choice when it comes to freeze-dried food for hiking, camping, emergency preparedness or any other occasion where quick, easy-to-prepare meals are required. The disadvantage is that they are a bit pricey. Depending on the shop, the cost of a two-person dinner ranges from around $6 on sale to nearly $7.  These are pre-made meals that are then freeze dried for people who are unfamiliar with them. Simply add boiling water (be sure to remove the dessicant package first! ), mix, and reseal the zip, then wait 10 minutes. Buy Mountain House here (all the best deals)

How To Prepare Your Long-Term Food Storage

Every year, disasters and emergencies impact hundreds of thousands of lives, and the number appears to be growing if the current worldwide pandemic is included. Every tragedy or epidemic has long-term consequences, such as people being deprived of basic necessities such as food and water. After all that we've gone through in recent years, you can't help but wonder whether a food crisis is on the way. Given the growing cost of groceries, the halt in meat packing production, failing farms, labor difficulties, and political upheavals, one might think that food storage is on the horizon. To prepare for and survive a food shortage, identify potential risks in your area, inventory your current resources (especially food and water), develop a food storage plan to grow both short and long term food storage, start a garden (even if it's small or only indoors), learn to preserve foods that you buy or grow yourself, raise chickens and other livestock, and stock up on other emergency p

Tenergy Multifunctional Hand Crank Emergency Radio

Prepare for unanticipated emergencies - Tenergy's multifunctional NOAA weather radio is a must-have tool during disaster s  such as power outages, hurricanes, or earthquakes; built-in tools such as a led flashlight, SOS siren, USB power bank, and radio frequencies such as AM, FM, and WM are critical in a crisis. Multiple power sources are available to recharge the built-in 2000mAh battery, including the hand crank and solar panel, as well as additional power sources such as the supplied AAA batteries or USB power supply. Emergency flash lights and siren - brighten the dark with the two LED flash lights, each of which can shine up to 120 lumens, or use the SOS light and siren, which flashes SOS in Morse code to notify others. Backup battery bank - when completely charged, the built-in li-ion battery in this weather alert radio may serve as a renewable power source for mobile phones and devices. Tenergy's 1 year warranty and lifetime assistance with local support headquartered in

Blue Coolers 72 Hour Emergency Backpack Survival Kit for 1 Person

The Blue Seventy-Two is a basic yet adaptable three-day emergency pack for one person. Whether you haven't prepared your lunch for the day or have step-by-step contingency plans for surviving an EMP assault, this pack is a must-have. It is the ideal immediate-response option for -- Hurricanes -- Wildfires -- Floods -- Tornadoes -- Power Outages EMERGENCY ITEMS INCLUDED: The following items are included in our emergency backpack survival kit: 1 x Triple-Pocket Reinforced Grab-N-Go Backpack, 1 x Dust Mask, 1 x Food Bars – 2,400 calories (5 year shelf life), 1 x Tissue Pack, 1 x Emergency Blanket, and 1 x Emergency Rain Poncho PREMIUM SURVIVAL GEAR IS ALSO INCLUDED IN THE BLUE 72: This survival bag also comes with the following survival items: 1 x Emergency Whistle/Compass, 1 x Battery-free crank lamp, 1 x 36 item First Aid Emergency Kit, and 5 x 4.22 oz. emergency drinking water pouches (5 year shelf life). Click here to read more about this product!

GOAL Zero NOMAD 50 Solar Panel: Foldable Monocrystalline 50 WattSolar Panel Charger

The Goal Zero Nomad 50 works best when combined with a Goal Zero battery pack. This 50W panel is very efficient and performs well in poor lighting circumstances. It's tough and made of high-quality materials, resulting in a solid overall structure – much like other Goal Zero items. Specifications:   With 50 watts, you can sun charge power banks and power stations to keep laptops charged, portable fridges running, and vital devices powered. Four monocrystalline panels contained within a protective container fold down to a small shape for simple storage and adaptability. Hanging loops allow you to secure the panel to cars, tents, and other surfaces.  Four monocrystalline panels contained within a protective container fold down to a small shape for simple storage and adaptability. Hanging loops allow you to secure the panel to cars, tents, and other surfaces. Click here to read more about this product!

How to Include Your Cat in A Disaster Preparedness Plan

Part of being a good pet owner means knowing what to do in an emergency. In order to be prepared for a disaster or other type of emergency situation, you need to have a plan in place. This includes planning your evacuation and packing an emergency kit for your pet. You should also prepare your home ahead of time with a rescue alert sticker, and make sure your cat has an ID tag on at all times. GET YOUR PET SUPPLIES HERE! Including Your Cat in an Evacuation Plan 1. Make a plan. Think about what you will need to do and where you will need to go if you have to leave your home for any reason. Create a chain of command where one person is in charge of getting the cat, but others will be sure to check in case the appointed person is unable to complete the task. You should include a meeting spot outside the home in your evacuation plan. This will ensure that everyone knows what to do and where to go to keep everyone safe (including your cat). 2. Inform all family members. Once you have your e

A Beginner's Guide: Solar Power System For House

This video will give you all the information you need to decide if a solar power system is right for you. You will learn about the different types of solar panels, how to find a solar installer, and which questions to ask before leasing or buying a system. Click here to purchase solar power products!

How to Make Bleach for Treating Water

In this video, City Prepping will show you how to make a chlorine solution from pool shock to use as a disinfectant for drinking water after a disaster. I'll also show you how to use bleach from a bottle as a short-term option.

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