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How to Make a Portable Toilet in an Emergency

What you will need

  • A bucket of reasonable size (4.25-5.25 gallon buckets will do)
  • Scented twist-tie trash bags
  • Antibacterial hand-sanitizers, liquid soap, wet wipes
  • Bleach, sand, sawdust, clumping cat litter sand, shredded paper to be utilized as a toilet filler 

How to assemble the emergency toilet bucket

  • Using a trash bag, line the bucket.
  • The toilet filler should be placed at the bottom of the container to prevent spills and absorb liquids.
  • Make a bleach solution by combining 1 part bleach with 10 parts water (1:10).

How to use the emergency toilet bucket

  • Fill the bucket with bleach solution when you've finished using it (to help prevent air-born contaminants from spreading).
  • Close the toilet bag between usage with a twist knot.
  • To cleanse your hands, use liquid soap or a sanitizing wipe.

How to manage the toilet waste

  • The toilet bags should be changed on a daily basis.
  • Do not dispose of the waste-filled bags in the trash.
  • Collect the bags until a way to properly dispose of them is found after the tragedy.

Should your sewage lines malfunction, line your toilet bowl with a plastic bag and use it as an emergency toilet, as directed. Keep your toilet and latrine bags away from any room or surface where food is being cooked. Never cook or store food that has been exposed to human feces or blood. Food that has been exposed to either chemical should not be consumed. If you're not sure, toss it.

Human waste should not be disposed of in the garbage. There will be a method for appropriately disposing of any collected trash bags following the unforeseen emergency. 

The easiest approach to minimize the amount of germs on your hands and prevent germs from spreading is to wash them with soap and water. If your tap water is unsafe to drink, wash your hands with soap and bleached and/or boiling water. You may also use hand sanitizers to cleanse your hands of germs. In some instances, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can quickly reduce the amount of germs on hands, but they do not eradicate all types of bacteria and harmful organism.


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