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10 Emergency Numbers You Must Have on Your Phone

We are living in perilous times. It is now more vital than ever to have important emergency numbers in your cell phone directory. In an emergency, it is critical to know who to contact and what to say. It is easy to get bewildered and agitated when that critical moment arrives. Keep a list of all critical phone numbers in one location to ensure that you and your family are prepared for most situations. 

1. 911: This is a number that most people should be able to recall off the top of their heads. If you or someone close to you is in a life-threatening situation, call 911. If you are calling from a North American phone, dial this number to get assistance. It is unlawful to dial 911 in a non-emergency circumstance.

2. 112: Another option to dialing 911, 112 is another emergency phone number, although it is mostly used in Europe. When used in the United States, most phone companies will route you to 911.

3. ICE (In Case of Emergency Contact) Make it easy for emergency responders to locate your family or partner contact information when they need it.

4. Poison Prevention and Control: The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) can be contacted at 800-222-1222. To store the contact information for poison control on your phone, simply text "POISON" to 797979. 

5. Local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) : In some places, the ambulance is separate from the FD and PD. Take the time to find out if you have a separate ambulance service in your community.

6: Insurance agent: Determine who to contact in the event of an accident or house damage. Some businesses utilize a different incident reporting number from your local agent. Both should be listed.

7. Tow truck: Nothing is more frustrating than being stranded on the side of the road with a broken down automobile. Always have a contact for roadside help on your phone, whether it's your AAA number or the direct line to a reputable tow truck business.

8. Neighbors next door: Never undervalue the value of having a neighbor's phone number saved on your phone. You'll have someone to contact if you forget to set your alarm before a weekend vacation or just can't recall if you closed your garage door.

9. A  Locksmith's number: A skilled locksmith can get you out of a jam in minutes—and for a reasonable price. Keep a respectable locksmith's phone number in your phone at all times to prevent having to contact an untrustworthy (and overpriced) one in an emergency.

10. The veterinarian: Your four-legged family members may have emergency needs too.  Enter your veterinarian's phone number into your phone for assistance with non-emergency and emergency pet concerns.

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