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Preventing Things From Getting Worse During An Emergency: Tips To Keep People Calm

Consider the following: It's the dead of winter, and heavy snow has closed down business, school, and most highways. The kids are home, Mom is doing some housework, and Dad is plowing the driveway despite the fact that there is nowhere to drive. Someone is going to get wounded, and it's going to be awful! Were the youngsters playing rough and breaking a bone? Mom, did you fall off a ladder while hanging pictures? Dad had a heart attack while performing the weekend warrior workout? Who can say?

The question is, who will come to your aid if the ambulance cannot reach you and you are unable to transport yourself to the hospital?

Furthermore, what if an ambulance is attempting to reach you for a minor injury while someone else suffers a serious injury?

Here are a few pointers:

  • Prepare items that will be relaxing rather than instantly stimulating. Do you have any leftover turkey in the fridge? The tryptophan will aid in the onset of snoozing. Another option is to prepare a couple heftier meals. Energy is expended during digestion. Also, keep your children away from caffeine and sweets. Chamomile tea, as well as Valerian Root, have a soothing effect (but consult with your doctor before introducing any new food, drink, or supplement).

  • Provide a variety of peaceful activities for the family to participate in as a group or individually. However, be certain that the activity is relaxing. Soft music, nonviolent movies, decent literature, or family-friendly board games.

  • If anybody feels the urge to expend physical energy, attempt to steer them toward low-impact activities. Turn on YouTube or a similar service and watch nature, Yoga or Tai Chi video clips. Calming music can also help immensely.

  • Keep in mind, however, that these recommendations are only applicable when you have access to lots of heat, water, food, and other creature comforts.


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