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How To Stay Alive During An Earthquake

Earthquakes can strike at any time and without notice. We can't predict when the next great earthquake will strike, but we can start preparing now to survive and limit the damage. A plan is the first step toward being prepared. Prepare ahead of time, not after Start preparing for an earthquake before it happens, not after it does. Stock up on freeze-dried food, water, and an emergency pack for each member of the family. Remember not to eat or drink from open compartments, especially if they're near shattered glass. If your home's water supply is cut off, you can drink from your water heater, melted ice cubes, or canned veggies. Drinking water from swimming pools and spas is not recommended. If feasible, purify all of the water before drinking it with water filter bottles and water purification pills. Drop, Cover, and Hold Drop, Cover, and Hold-On are the three steps to a successful drop. Stay put if you're inside. Hold on to the underside of a desk or table. Avoid windo

How to Create and Keep an Inventory of Your Home Possessions in Case of an Emergency

It's a headache to keep track of your belongings. However, doing so before a tragedy — whether it's an accident, theft, or natural disaster — can make dealing with the aftermath and making an insurance claim much easier. Your home is engulfed in flames. A thief enters the house. A tornado makes landfall. You must be prepared in the event of a tragedy. It is insufficient to have insurance. You must keep track of everything in your home so that you may have your insurance company replace it if necessary. You'll be able to speed up the claim procedure from your insurance carrier if you already have a home inventory in place when an emergency occurs. As a result, if you follow these steps to create a home inventory, your life will return to normal sooner. Take pictures Take photos of your stuff that are clear and comprehensive. Pay extra attention to the big-ticket products. Make sure the images clearly display specifics like the item's condition. Record on video Making a v

Loose Lips Sink Survival Plans

by Joseph Parish Similar to the old military saying concerning "Loose Lips sink Ships" so it is with your survival plans. Prudence would dictate that you not openly advertise any of your plans in advance. If you happen to be like me then you have invested a considerable time and much effort into creating effective and functional plans in the event that the dreaded balloon might go up, therefore it is imperative that when the time comes to implement your long term survival efforts that you maintain a low profile devoid of advertising your emergency preparations. I realize exactly how difficult it is to not brag to your friends and coworkers as to how prepared for any emergency you are with your vast stock of food and current survival gear, however regardless of how tempting the urge may be to reveal certain bits of information you should avoid it. Revealing too much data may eventual lead to a mountain of trouble in the event of an actual survival situation. A point worth unde

What To Look For In A Portable Energy Generator

Over the last decade or two, portable generators have been increasingly popular, particularly in the last few years. These devices are crucial tools to have on hand in the event of an emergency, since they prevent you from going without electricity. The advantages of owning a generator are obvious, but selecting the correct one may be difficult. You don't want to make the wrong decision because it's often an investment. Fortunately for you, we've put together a list of the top nine questions to ask when shopping for a diesel generator for sale to ensure you get the most bang for your buck! What kind of a portable generator do I want? Next, consider what sort of generator you want and if you want a standby or portable generator. Both of them work in a similar way, but with one major distinction. A standby generator has been installed and will not move. It's always ready to use, no matter what the scenario is. A portable generator is frequently kept in a separate place an

Heating too expensive? Try a Pellet Stove

Why are Pellet Stoves Used? Pellet stoves are more efficient than wood burners, easier to operate and maintain, and consume less fuel than propane, oil, and natural gas. Even better, the combustion efficiency may cut household greenhouse gas emissions by several tonnes, making pellet stove heating an environmentally responsible option. All of the energy is derived from renewable sources. Loading pellets into a hopper that may produce heat for 24 to 48 hours or more depending on the hopper size and desired heat output makes it far more convenient to use than a wood fire. Because many pellet stoves include automated starters and thermostats to manage heat, they are a clear winner as a practical heating option. The first level of efficiency is found in the pellet fuel itself. Pellets can be created from waste from sawmills and other wood processing facilities, as well as biomass sources such grasses, maize, and nut shells. The compacted pellets are simple to store. They typically come in

In The Event of An Emergency, There Are A Variety of Lighting Choices Available

When the power goes out or an emergency strikes, one of the most important task we'll have to complete is restoring appropriate lighting of the surroundings. We must be prepared with emergency lighting backup solutions in the event of a significant storm, a car hitting an electric pole, or anything much greater, such as a hurricane, tornado, or catastrophic traffic catastrophe. Here are several options for lighting in these situations: Natural disasters It's critical to keep emergency supplies on hand in the event of a tornado, hurricane, storm, or other natural catastrophe in your region. One of the most critical tools you'll need is a flashlight. To navigate around your house and area, you'll need light. Emergency lights are extremely important in the event of a natural disaster. When a road is flooded or in risk of flooding, one of the first things local authorities do is erect a barricade with a flashing light on top to keep cars out and notify people of the danger.

Utilizing Oxygen Absorbers and Nitrogen Packing to Improve Emergency Food Storage

What more can be done to preserve food once it has been freeze dried? The freeze drying procedure eliminates 98 percent of the water from food, eliminating insects and their eggs while also inhibiting bacterial development. Beyond additional freeze drying to preserve food and extend shelf life, oxygen is the principal adversary. The shelf life of food can be extended by 25 to 30 years if it is not exposed to oxygen during storage. The term shelf life refers to the food's ability to retain its nutritional content, flavor, and appearance. It may still be safe to consume after this period, but the qualities listed above have been compromised. Absorbers of Oxygen To improve the shelf life of freeze-dried foods, some manufacturers utilize oxygen absorbers. Oxygen absorbers are materials that chemically react with oxygen in their surroundings, combining with it and eliminating it from the environment. Iron, in the form of iron powder or iron carbonate, is the most often used material for

A Simple Look at MRE's vs. Freeze-Dried Food

Many individuals are looking into survival food and supplies for the first time because they are concerned about an economic downturn. MRE appears to be an excellent choice at first glance because it is completely ready to eat. MREs, or ready-to-eat meals, are the type of food rations used by the military. Military and commercial MREs are the two main types of MREs available. The military version is only for military use, and resale to civilians is restricted. Military MRE may be bought on eBay. Commercial MRE is made by the same food businesses that make military MRE, with the exception that it is labeled for civilian consumption. Although MRE devotees favor military MRE, commercial MRE contains enough calories to meet your daily needs RDA in two meals. MREs have been utilized as a disaster preparedness food and by campers. Here are some of the benefits of MREs: It's simple to make - there's nothing to do but open it and enjoy it. Flameless heaters heat up in 10 minutes by jus

Why Conventional Survivalist Food Advice Is Horrible

The majority of us wish to take steps to reduce the risk of problems in our lives for ourselves and our family. That is why most of us have house and auto insurance, purchase smoke detectors and gas alarms, and get our homes and cars inspected for safety on a regular basis. However, just 5% of people are prepared in the event of a crisis. Why? Because the perceived danger level is substantially lower than that of a home fire or other catastrophes that occur more frequently than a disaster, most people have less motivation and interest in acting. Another issue is the imagined big, massive, focused work required to "make food." What is the source of this perception? If you Google "survival food" or "food preparation," you'll discover a wealth of knowledge from survivalists. Many of these survival websites offer excellent professional survival and food-preparation guidance. Much of the survivalist advice, though, is for individuals who are determined to i

Be Prepared by Carrying a Blanket

I am a firm believer in being well-prepared. I try to be ready for everything at all times. I've discovered that having a fairly thick blanket (possibly made for 2 person bed, or even a purchased waterproof blanket) in my car makes me feel lot more prepared. There are several occasions where keeping a blanket in your car might be a good idea. Only a few are listed here. Prepare for an emergency  I was always astonished when my parents drove around with a huge rubber container turned emergency preparedness pack in the back of their van, complete with a blanket, lanterns, and some type of lunch. A blanket, along with other emergency preparation materials, would not take up much space in your vehicle and would not take up much space in your vehicle. Then you'd be ready for any eventuality. If you were stranded, it would be far more relaxing to wrap yourself in a warm blanket while waiting for help. If you chance to come across disturbed folks on the roadside, you might offer them

Use Sandbags To Defend Your House From Floods

Sandbag building is a time tested method that hasn't altered much through the years. Sand bags are produced from a variety of materials, with hessian being the most prevalent. Woven polypropylene sandbags have recently been introduced and are proven to be more effective for specific flood defense sandbag activities. For filling and shaping sandbags, sand is by far the easiest and most effective material. When there is flooding, the rain helps to soak the bags while also making them heavier. When sand is unavailable, silt, clay, gravel, or a combination of these materials can be used instead, although none of these materials perform as well as sand. During a flood, there may be no vehicle access to a flood location, which is when resources are needed. Sandbags can be used for a variety of purposes, including: - Prevent levees from overflowing - Direct the current flow of a river to a specified area - On a levee, build ring dikes around boils. - For example, use as a weight to hold d

Protecting Important Documents in the Event of a Disaster

Being without your birth certificate, social security card, or bank account details after a large or minor disaster may be a tremendous problem, as victims of recent disasters have discovered. However, using this checklist, you'll be able to create an easily accessible repository for all of your critical papers and communications, which you can utilize whether you're dealing with a minor medical issue or a catastrophic tragedy that requires you to start over with your key records. Let's get started by gathering all of your relevant papers. Here are some of the documents you'll need to keep safe: Bank account information (and PIN numbers, passwords and toll-free numbers) Investment account information (and PIN numbers, passwords and toll-free numbers) Medical records Credit cards (copies of the card, account number, toll-free numbers and credit limit) Income tax returns Insurance policies Stocks/bonds Student identification Wills Living Wills Power of Attorney Power of A

Follow These Easy Steps To Create A Solid Emergency Plan

Get Your Household Information Straightened Out Emergencies can strike with little or no notice, so having all of your home information on hand is critical. This contains documentation such as insurance policies, birth certificates, passports, and maps of the area. Place these goods in your emergency kit and keep it hidden. Make duplicates of each document and store them in your car's emergency pack. Having two sets of printouts guarantees that you are ready to respond to any situation, whether it is on the road or at home. Know the Dangers in Your Area You need to recognize the threats that are most likely to harm your family in order to create an efficient emergency plan. It's a tornado, a power outage, or a flood, isn't it? It is critical to comprehend. Because it provides you with a detailed plan and assists you in determining the best method to prepare. Please have a look at our post on how to put together an emergency kit. It contains a step-by-step guide on creating

How to Make an Emergency Outdoor Survival Shelter For Outdoor Survival

Grasp the fundamentals of building a one-person trash hut during an emergency or for outdoor camping experiences and survivalist training. When camping, a debris hut is one of the most simple survival shelters to construct. This is because, with the exception of a few basic tools, you may gather all of your building materials for survival from the surrounding landscape. Making a debris hut is another something you can accomplish in a short amount of time to ensure that you have a secure shelter if you have to set up camp due to adverse weather. How to make a one-person debris emergency hut You'll need a long, robust branch as part of your survival training to create an effective shelter. If you're building an outdoor survival shelter for just one person, you'll want to choose a piece of wood that's about 1.5 times your height. This not only provides enough coverage on both ends of the shelter, but it also makes entering and exiting the survival shelter easier than if yo

How Businesses Should Prepare For Blackouts

When planning for a power loss that lasts for several hours or days, you should have a complete emergency preparedness plan in place, especially if the blackout is caused by severe weather in your location. Are you and your crisis management team prepared to keep your employees and company safe in the absence of electricity, heat/air conditioning, or even safe drinking water? Rolling blackouts and power outages There are several sorts of power outages, each with varying degrees of severity. First, there are transient faults, which occur when an area loses power for only a few seconds to a few minutes, generally due to a power line failure. Then there are "brownouts," which happen when the voltage in an electrical power source drops. This phenomena gets its name from the dimming impact it has on the illumination in the vicinity. Brownouts, on the other hand, can cause difficulties with electrical equipment and its functioning. Finally, a blackout happens when an entire area lo

How to Build an Emergency Fund

The disruption created by the Covid-19 pandemic has called for a plan to have an Emergency Fund. An emergency fund is a pool of money set aside for our rainy days. By introspecting our risk appetite and the cash flow, we make an Emergency Fund for ourselves which can come in handy in times of need. No one expected last year to be so volatile for the markets and unpleasant for the economy. Coronavirus has disrupted the lives of everyone from rich to poor, from emerging economies to developed economies, from currency to commodities; no one is spared. Many have started comparing this economic situation to that of the 2008 Lehman crisis, which followed with the good time to get into the markets. So if you are boggled with the question of where to invest now or how to build a portfolio during such times, we have mentioned below 4 easy steps that can guide you to build a portfolio or an emergency fund for yourself in times of crisis. Examine your Cash Flow: First and foremost, check if you

Thinking About Your Emergency Lighting and Heating Options

Think about emergency lighting and heating before you need them in an emergency. Maybe all you need are a few excellent torches and a dozen solar blankets? Consider your own circumstances and make plans accordingly. There are a variety of instances in which you can find yourself in need of emergency heating. The need to generate heat to avoid frostbite and hypothermia is critical, whether your house's heating goes out on a chilly winter night or your automobile breaks down in the winter and leaves you stuck for hours. You'll have to make a decision on what to do if you find yourself in need of emergency heat. Solar heating blankets and bags should be used and kept in your car and house. If your house heating breaks out and isn't likely to be fixed within a few hours, you'll want to consider not only the outside temperature but also your family's age and health. Solar blankets and/or solar sleeping bags are one of the most efficient means of heating in an emergency c

Is a Portable Solar Battery Generator the Right Purchase for You?

Because of advancements in battery technology, portable battery generators are becoming increasingly popular for camping, outdoor activities, and disaster preparedness. However, you need think about the following factors to see if a portable battery generator is right for you. A backup generator is essential if you want to power your campground, live off the grid, or just prepare for an emergency case. Traditional gas-powered generators are noisy, create noxious fumes, and are expensive to operate. A battery generator is an option that runs quietly, releases no pollutants, and can be recharged by the sun, but which one is suitable for you? Battery generators provide far less power than their gas-powered counterparts. A battery generator may be appropriate if you simply need to power low-wattage gadgets like smart phones, laptop computers,  machines, and tiny LED televisions. However, if you want to power home electronics, electrical equipment and, heaters, coolers, power tools, and so

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Emergency Food

About the product: -- Hash browns, scrambled eggs, peppers and onions in a crumbled pork patty. To keep in nutrients and freshness, freeze-drying is used. There is no requirement for refrigeration. -- GFCO certified gluten-free with no artificial flavors or colors. There are two servings in each pouch. It's big enough for one hungry hiker, or you may split it with a camping or hiking friend. -- Simply fill the pouch with hot water and consume in less than 10 minutes with no cleaning. For an easier eating experience, the pouch has a shorter, broader, more bowl-like form. Skip the dishes and eat directly from the pouch! -- Pouch is light and portable, allowing you to enjoy a perfectly great dinner when camping or traveling! In the backcountry or in your tent, eat healthily. Also useful for food storage and survival in an emergency. -- TerraCycle recycled old packaging to decrease waste. -- Industry's longest certified shelf life! A 30-Year Taste Guarantee is included. Great for s

ReadyWise: 30-Day Emergency Food Supply -- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and Snacks

About the product -- 1,800 calories per day | 50 grams of protein per day | 298 total servings. -- Breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, and beverages are among the ten meal options. -- Meals are packaged in long-lasting pouches that can keep food fresh for up to 25 years. -- Simply pour water into the meal, mix, cover, and let aside for 15 minutes. -- Buckets can be black or white. -- Flavor: Parmesan -- Size:  298 Servings Click to go to the product page! What is inside? How to prepare? Video review of ReadyWise's 30 Day Emergency Food Supply! Click to go to the product page!

Three Easy Ways To Waterproof Your Matches

When you're out in the woods, any hiker or backcountry adventurer understands that having the correct equipment to build a fire is essential. If you go with matches, be sure you have a mechanism to keep them safe. Waterproof matches aren't hard to come by, but they might be pricey at your local outdoor store. And, if you're packing your belongings the night before a vacation and realize you're missing anything, there's a good chance you won't have time to hurry to the shop. Waterproof matches are a must-have item for every outdoor enthusiast. A bug out bag isn't complete without some kind of fire starter. Ordinary matches don't work well in rainy situations or while you're outside. It's possible to slip and tumble into a puddle, soaking your bag. It's ideal to start with strike-anywhere matches, regardless of the approach you use. They may be lighted on any rough surface, but strike-on-box matches must be ignited by the phosphorous strip on t

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