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A Simple Look at MRE's vs. Freeze-Dried Food

Many individuals are looking into survival food and supplies for the first time because they are concerned about an economic downturn.

MRE appears to be an excellent choice at first glance because it is completely ready to eat. MREs, or ready-to-eat meals, are the type of food rations used by the military.

Military and commercial MREs are the two main types of MREs available. The military version is only for military use, and resale to civilians is restricted. Military MRE may be bought on eBay. Commercial MRE is made by the same food businesses that make military MRE, with the exception that it is labeled for civilian consumption. Although MRE devotees favor military MRE, commercial MRE contains enough calories to meet your daily needs RDA in two meals.

MREs have been utilized as a disaster preparedness food and by campers.

Here are some of the benefits of MREs:

  • It's simple to make - there's nothing to do but open it and enjoy it.
  • Flameless heaters heat up in 10 minutes by just adding a tiny quantity of water to a non-chemical pouch.
  • If stored in a cold, dry environment, it has a shelf life of 5 years or more.

However, there are a few drawbacks:

  • The cost is substantial, ranging from $7 to $8  each meal.
  • Freeze dried food in #10 cans can also last up to 25 years.
  • After a few weeks of eating MRE for every meal, some consumers complain about the flavor and digestion problems MREs may cause

After a few weeks of eating MRE for every meal, several people complain about the flavor and digestion.

The military and other government organizations utilize freeze dried food as disaster relief supplies. According to Mountain House freeze dried food, freeze dried food can survive up to 25 years.

Freeze dried food also has the advantage of being less expensive, costing roughly $4 to $5 each meal. The flavor of freeze-dried food is extremely similar to that of fresh food. All you have to do to make freeze dried food is add water. It only takes a few minutes to hydrate. You have a hot supper if you have hot water.

MREs are appropriate for short-term use, such as when you need to be ultra-prepared or you're traveling. Freeze dried food is the greatest option for long-term storage since it is less expensive and tastes better.


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