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Be Prepared by Carrying a Blanket

I am a firm believer in being well-prepared. I try to be ready for everything at all times. I've discovered that having a fairly thick blanket (possibly made for 2 person bed, or even a purchased waterproof blanket) in my car makes me feel lot more prepared. There are several occasions where keeping a blanket in your car might be a good idea. Only a few are listed here.

Prepare for an emergency 

I was always astonished when my parents drove around with a huge rubber container turned emergency preparedness pack in the back of their van, complete with a blanket, lanterns, and some type of lunch. A blanket, along with other emergency preparation materials, would not take up much space in your vehicle and would not take up much space in your vehicle. Then you'd be ready for any eventuality.

If you were stranded, it would be far more relaxing to wrap yourself in a warm blanket while waiting for help. If you chance to come across disturbed folks on the roadside, you might offer them your blanket for warmth and comfort.

When traveling with little children, the blanket allows them to snuggle up and read or sleep in a comfortable posture. When traveling long distances, a blanket may be a relaxing aspect for youngsters.

A spontaneous picnic is my particular favorite. My family has learned to assume that I will stop anywhere, at any time, and dig out a blanket for a pleasant little picnic.

A blanket to lounge on the lawn with while having a picnic is an added bonus.

You never know when a blanket will brighten your day when you're traveling or provide shelter and comfort; it's a fantastic item that no car should be without.


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