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Heating too expensive? Try a Pellet Stove

Why are Pellet Stoves Used?

Pellet stoves are more efficient than wood burners, easier to operate and maintain, and consume less fuel than propane, oil, and natural gas.

Even better, the combustion efficiency may cut household greenhouse gas emissions by several tonnes, making pellet stove heating an environmentally responsible option. All of the energy is derived from renewable sources.

Loading pellets into a hopper that may produce heat for 24 to 48 hours or more depending on the hopper size and desired heat output makes it far more convenient to use than a wood fire. Because many pellet stoves include automated starters and thermostats to manage heat, they are a clear winner as a practical heating option.

The first level of efficiency is found in the pellet fuel itself. Pellets can be created from waste from sawmills and other wood processing facilities, as well as biomass sources such grasses, maize, and nut shells. The compacted pellets are simple to store. They typically come in 40-pound sacks and take up less storage space than wood with the same energy output.

The major efficiency is achieved by a constant regulated burn of fuel at high temperatures and the use of convection heat via a heatsink rather than radiant heat from a wood burner. This also means that the outside of a pellet stove is significantly colder, making it safer if you have small children.

Because of the little quantity of ash produced by efficient combustion, most stoves only require ash cleaning once a week when used continuously.

Due to the need on energy for fan operation, some pellet stoves have backup battery power to ensure that the pellet burn can be finished if the power is interrupted.

Where Can I Purchase Pellet Stoves?

Your best choice is to start with your local fireplace and wood stove merchants to discover what brands they offer and, more importantly, where you can find a low-cost, high-quality supply of pellets.

You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing online, but you must check that the manufacturer's service and support are included and supported.

Look for the phrase authorized dealer to confirm that the manufacturer will honor the warranty.

How Much Should I Pay?

Pellet stove costs for household heating range from $3000 to $6000 The energy in BTUs and the size of the hopper, which impacts how frequently you need to refill pellets, are the two most important elements. Other considerations are automatic start, efficiency, simple access to the ash pan, and replacement parts.

You will need to analyze the area of your house or cottage that you wish to heat and seek a suggestion from the manufacturer or their agent on the model with the appropriate BTU output for your requirements.


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