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Loose Lips Sink Survival Plans

by Joseph Parish

Similar to the old military saying concerning "Loose Lips sink Ships" so it is with your survival plans. Prudence would dictate that you not openly advertise any of your plans in advance.

If you happen to be like me then you have invested a considerable time and much effort into creating effective and functional plans in the event that the dreaded balloon might go up, therefore it is imperative that when the time comes to implement your long term survival efforts that you maintain a low profile devoid of advertising your emergency preparations. I realize exactly how difficult it is to not brag to your friends and coworkers as to how prepared for any emergency you are with your vast stock of food and current survival gear, however regardless of how tempting the urge may be to reveal certain bits of information you should avoid it. Revealing too much data may eventual lead to a mountain of trouble in the event of an actual survival situation.

A point worth understanding is that not everyone is like you. Only a small percentage of the people will prepare for the emergency situations and stock up on supplies as you have done. Usually these people believe in the misguided notion that outside help such as the federal government or FEMA will quickly be at their side to assist and aid them. Although FEMA may like to assist in times of emergencies your area may not be at the top of the list. In addition it would behoove all of us to remember New Orleans after Katrina hit. Help was slow if any and many people were left to die.

When all else has failed and the unprepared in your city realize that help is not going to be coming their way as they imagined it would, these people will become very hungry and hunger tends to breed desperation. In the event they remember all of what you said about your survival supplies and I am sure they will they will, it is likely that they will quickly turn to you for assistance. Should you refuse them they will certainly become hostile and turn on you quickly.

These are hard economic times and I truly believe that you worked hard to build your store of supplies up to the point that you have them. You may only have a sufficient quantity for yourself and your immediate family with no extras to spare. With the life or death situation facing the people at that time the complete situation could easily turn ugly and create very undesirable incidents. These people when desperate enough will not hesitate to take your supplies and food by force should it be necessary.

During these emergency situations it would be bad judgment to display any of your gear and supplies to the public that undoubtedly would be going without. You would not want to be having a huge BBQ in your backyard when the remainder of the town may be starving to death. A more prudent action would be to keep a low profile and prepare your food indoors during the dark of night. Don't be seen driving your vehicle continually when few people have gas. The key here is stealth.

A vital aspect of your survival preparations should be to maintain your survival plans under wraps and never advertise them to other people. Play it safe and keep your mouth shut!

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish
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