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The RV Bug Out Bus for Emergencies

Purchasing another home or piece of property outside of 'the city' or dense suburbs to use as a 'bug-out location' is out of reach for many people. Given a worst-case scenario in which a bug-out to a safer location is or would be a matter of survival, one option might be to use a travel trailer or RV as a bug-out vehicle and mobile bug-out location... There are people who own and operate school buses, and they are seriously considering discontinuing their bus services due to the current high operating costs. As they mentioned this to me, I remembered someone who had recently mentioned to me that a bus might be a much better bug-out-vechile (BOV) than most vehicles. The reasoning behind converting an older school bus for this critical purpose is as follows. To begin with, it is common knowledge that school buses are extremely tough and can withstand a beating if necessary. In general, most are powered by diesel engines, which provides some fuel economy. Buses typically h

Why You Need A Fire Blanket at Home

A fire blanket is a safety equipment used to put out small (starting) flames. It is made out of a sheet of fire retardant material that is laid over a fire to suffocate it. A fire blanket is a form of fire protection gear that works well on small flames. These blankets are intended to extinguish minor flames before they start. They're beneficial if you can't put out a fire with water because they're made of non-flammable materials. Grease and oil fires, as well as electrical fires, are examples of situations in which a fire blanket may be required. If your stove or pan catches fire, never use water to extinguish it; instead, use your first blanket. These helpful, reusable safety items may be kept in the kitchen in an easily accessible location. Similarly, if someone's clothes catches fire, a fire blanket can be draped around them to put out the flames. However, fire blankets aren't simply for use in the kitchen. Consider storing one near your electrical equipment, i

Parachute Cord Uses: A Versatile Survival Tool During Emergencies

Most Army surplus stores sell parachute rope, which has a wide range of applications. Here are a few suggestions about how to use it. I recommend going to an Army surplus store and purchasing genuine Army issue parachute cord rather than a knock-off found at a hardware store or large retailer. 550 Parachute rope is significantly stronger than imitations and contains numerous tiny threads inside the outer shell. These tiny fibers can be removed and utilized for a variety of purposes. For applications that require less strength than the complete cable, the outer shell can alternatively be employed without the inside strands. In a long-term survival situation, floss your teeth using the inner threads. You may not have a toothbrush or toothpaste with you, but if you have parachute cord, you can floss your teeth. Wrap paracord around the handle of your survival knife. Depending on the sort of grip your knife comes with, this may provide you with a more comfortable and secure hold. If you ha

In 9 Easy Steps, Prepare for Hyperinflation

This post will show you how to prepare for hyperinflation . In economics, hyperinflation is characterized by extremely high and often rising inflation. As the costs of all items rise, it swiftly erodes the real worth of the local currency. While inflation is a measure of the rate at which prices for goods and services rise, hyperinflation is a fast rise in prices that often exceeds 50% each month. It's no secret that the US dollar's purchasing value is eroding by the day. Even yet, for those unfamiliar with economics, hyperinflation can be a difficult concept to grasp.  If you're seeking for ideas on how to prepare for hyperinflation, go no further than this list of 9 simple actions to better prepare you for what is unavoidable. The tips are as follows:  Buy precious metal s: Get informed about gold and silver today, and start investing in them at a rate that is convenient for you. As the value of the US dollar falls, the value of gold, silver, and other precious metals wil

A Basic Guide to Burn Classification

The majority of people aren't familiar with burn injuries in general. We all know that if someone needs to go to the hospital for a burn injury, the burn is most likely severe. The severity of a burn damage is determined by a variety of variables. As a result, two people might be exposed to the same temperatures for the same amount of time yet experience quite different burn injuries. People under the age of two have substantially thinner skin layers than adults, allowing them to withstand far more serious injuries. This happens to the elderly as well. After the age of fifty, the skin loses its elasticity, suppleness, and thickness, leading in the transparent, thin skin that is commonly observed. Elapsed contact time, the precise burn agent, and the location of the burn are all factors that influence burns. Various burn agents, for example, leave different burn depth patterns. A burn caused by hot water is not the same as a burn caused by hot oil. Furthermore, certain sections of t

Sanitation and Hygiene in the Event of an Emergency

Following an emergency, sanitation and hygiene are two aspects of survival that are frequently disregarded, with potentially devastating consequences. Water supplies that are ordinarily safe can become polluted in an instant after a flood, tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. Overflowing septic tanks, sewage systems, and water reclamation ponds pollute wells, lakes, ponds, and streams. This pollution is exacerbated by waste and animal corpses. People do not properly dispose of human feces. Waste disposal sites, as well as fuel and oil from submerged automobiles, all contribute to pollution. Survivors are forced to wade through this deadly mess, at times literally. Hot water is generally in short supply after a tragedy. Poor hygiene, lack of sleep, and increased stress can all weaken our immune responses and leave us more vulnerable to disease. Many evacuation shelters have similar, if not worse, conditions. Consider the visuals we all saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to see what

Emergency Flare Guns For The Outdoors

A flare gun is a large-bore handgun that fires flares. It is also called as a Very pistol or signal pistol. Typically, the flare gun is used to send out a distress signal. Although a flare gun can be used as a lethal weapon, it is not its intended role. When shot, they shoot quickly to a height of roughly 300m (1000ft). They then burst with a loud bang, releasing a brilliantly blazing flare hanging from a small parachute that floats very slowly downward, increasing the amount of time it can be seen. Few people understand the significance of flare guns, here are a few reasons why you should have a flare gun in your camping kit. Communication within a group You can utilize flare guns to communicate with other members of your group, such as if you become separated or lose your way. Most organizations will have a code for sending flare signals; for example, you can send up a red flare to signify you're in difficulty and need assistance. This function may be valuable in hunting and mari

Choosing A Good Fire Escape Ladder

It is common knowledge that fires start quickly and spread even faster, causing fear in a perilous scenario. A well-prepared house is the strongest line of defense for rescuing your family in an emergency situation such as a fire. If you reside in a multistory house or apartment complex, a fire escape ladder is a must-have item for a safe departure. It is fairly typical for a building fire to prevent access to specific locations, such as stairwells and elevators. Not to add that using an elevator during a fire may be extremely risky because you have no idea where the fire has spread. Here are some pointers for selecting a dependable fire ladder that will always be available for you during an emergency. Calculate Length One of the first things to think about is if it is long enough to reach the ground from the window. A piece of rope, thread, or even an extension cable can be used to determine length. Drop one end of the rope out the window while holding the other end. Mark the rope wit

Learn How To Preserve Any Food With These 3 Videos

1. Preserving food in glass jars The easiest approach to preserve foods in glass jars is to boil them down somewhat before storing them in an airtight jar in the refrigerator. In this free video on preserving food in glass jars, a professional chef shows you how to keep foods fresher for longer. When attempting to preserve or store any food, there are numerous important considerations to keep in mind. Keep food fresher for longer by following the advice of a professional chef in this free video series on food preservation strategies. 2. Fermenting all sorts of vegetables This video will focus on lacto fermentation (yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut), a fermentation process that transforms carbohydrates in your diet to lactic acid. By mastering a simple salt and water method, you can preserve almost any fresh vegetable you find in the market, unlocking great tastes and health advantages in your meal! 3. Learn how to cure meat Curing dates back to antiquity and was the major method of meat pres

Advantages of Canning and Preserving Food That Shouldn't Be Overlooked

Canning, drying, and freezing allow you to manage the ingredients in your food and eat healthily all year. Food preservation lowers food waste, landfill waste, and our environmental impact. It also helps the local economy and your wallet. Traditional food preservation practices are gradually slipping from our modern lives, and it is critical to realize that once these routines are gone, they are gone permanently. It is up to us to study and pass on these traditions centered on canning, freezing, drying, or smoking for the benefit of our grandchildren and their families. If we followed the same practices of our forebears and just ate what was in season, our lives would definitely be uninteresting. It is also critical that we consider food preservation procedures in order to incorporate some variation into our daily menu selection. We could easily step out our door, jump into the front seat of our car, and dash to the local grocery store to get several cans of corn or a medium bag of spi

Evacuation Planning Made Easy

There are various parameters that must be considered in any evacuation plans that you create. First, you must decide on the measures and route you will follow, as well as any relevant medical needs of your passengers, space availability for supplies, and the weather in your immediate and projected region of retreat. This post is intended to offer you with a basic plan that will assist you in designing your disaster preparation evacuation path. Because each emergency circumstance is unique, no single plan can suit all criteria. The final responsibility for these rules will fall to you, since you will need to assess what situations may arise in your area of the country and what your specific plan of action should be. It will be your responsibility to coordinate the creation of your evacuation plan with the other members of your group. You must assess what factors will indicate if an emergency is serious enough to warrant transferring yourself and your family. Timing is everything in this

How To Use Powder Fire Extinguishers For Fire Emergencies

Powder fire extinguishers are among the most flexible types of fire extinguishers. They are effective not just for class A and B flames -- regular fires and flammable liquids -- but also for class C fires involving gases such as butane and propane. They're also safe to use on electrical fires since the dry powder in these extinguishers isn't conductive. The powder emitted by these extinguishers works to extinguish fires. This approach is extremely effective in extinguishing flammable liquids and gases. There are several varieties of fire extinguishers, but they are all packed with powder and pressurized with nitrogen. The jet has a range of four to seven meters and a complete discharge time of six to twenty seconds. The precise sort of extinguisher you're using will determine how long it takes to discharge and how far the jet will go. Some are equipped with control systems and regulated discharge, which aid in maintenance. Here are a few examples of powder fire extinguisher

Recognizing Water Damage Types and Classes

Water damage in your house can be unpleasant, but it isn't always as terrible as it appears. True, all water damage need restoration; but, certain situations are less severe and necessitate less labor to fix. When water damage is ignored or not properly addressed, it may cause irrevocable damage to the structure of your house, which is why you should contact a water damage repair business as soon as you see any signs of water damage. It's also critical to realize that there are many kinds and categories of water damage, each with differing degrees of severity. Continue reading to discover more about the types and classifications of water damage, as well as how to recognize and handle them. There are several forms of floods that may occur, each with varying degrees of severity. There are three classifications of water:  Clean water (category 1) Gray water (category 2)  Black water (category 3)  Before you clean up the debris, you should think about the type of water. Category 1

How to Prepare For Outdoor Survival: Invaluable Tactics And Tips

The great outdoors is a magnificent location to experience nature at its best. While the areas you may spend your time in the outdoors appear to be relatively secure, there are some measures that everyone, even the most experienced hiker or camper, must follow. Even on the smallest outdoor adventures, a first aid pack is an absolute must. Most small injuries should be treated with a basic disinfectant, bandages, and hydrocortisone cream. For more critical injuries, a cellular phone or knowledge of the locations of the nearest phones that give service to ranger stations will be quite useful. Aside from having a first-aid kit and a means of communication, the best approach to protect yourself from the dangers of the outdoors is to be familiar with the region in which you are camping or trekking. You wouldn't want to be dumped off in the midst of a large city you're unfamiliar with, and the woods should be handled with the same courtesy. Knowing your area's climate at that cer

Avoiding The Dark: Generators Are A Blessing When The Power Goes Off

Power outages are becoming more common around the country as a result of harsh weather, increased power demand, aging infrastructure, and other unforeseeable circumstances. Any restaurant that has had to dispose of rotten meat and produce knows how costly even a brief power outage can be. As a result of extreme weather, growing power consumption, aging infrastructure, and other unpredictable situations, power outages are becoming more regular across the country. Any restaurant that has had to dispose of decaying meat or vegetables understands how expensive even a brief power outage can be. Portable Generators Portable generators , which are common on construction sites and campers, range in price from $600 to $2500 . These are typically fueled by gasoline or diesel fuel and may be hauled in a pickup truck. Depending on your power demands, a $1000 investment will power a few vital equipment in the ordinary home such as a sump pump, well pump, deep freeze, refrigerator, television, forc

What First Aid Supplies Should Be in A First Aid Kit?

A first-aid kit with the right supplies can assist you in properly responding to common injuries and emergencies. Maintain at least one first-aid kit at home and one in your vehicle. Keep your kits in a convenient location that is out of reach of small children. Make certain that children who are old enough to comprehend the purpose of the kits are aware of where they are kept. Even though some people disagree, first-aid procedures are rather straightforward. This is unfortunate since many individuals are unaware of the importance of first aid, first aid kits, and first aid supplies. Knowing how to administer first aid in the event of an emergency involving you, your friends, or your loved ones is essential. That is why you should study first aid, get a first aid kit, and begin learning what materials the box contains and how to utilize them. It is essential to have a clear understanding of how to put together the necessary supplies in the first aid kit so that you are prepared in the

Water and Terrain Tactics To Increase Chances of Survival in The Desert

If you're planning a trip to the dry regions of our planet, you should brush up on your desert survival abilities first. In order to survive in a dry or desert region, you must prepare and comprehend the environment. You'll need to figure out what kind of equipment you'll need, what tactics you'll use, and how the environment will affect your gear and tactics. Your capacity to cope with these conditions, as well as your will to survive, will depend on your understanding of the geography and fundamental climatic components. Geography These are the various different types of topography in most desert settings: Mountainous Sand dunes Salt marshes Rocky plateaus Terrain that is broken and dissected The topography in the desert makes mobility difficult and laborious. Because there are so few landmarks, land navigation will be incredibly difficult. Water Understanding the relationship between physical activity, air temperature, and water intake is critical for desert survival

During Brief Food Shortages Eating Very Small Amounts of Food Frequently Can Save Your Life

The severe winter storms of past years (including the Texas power crisis) and the 2005 Katrina tragedy exposed millions of Americans to temporary food shortages. A rudimentary grasp of the physiology of severe nutritional deprivation will help you get through any brief food shortage. Brief is the keyword here. For longer periods, you should have an emergency food supply you can tap into to get you through critical food shortages. Complete starving speeds up your metabolism, whereas "diets" slow it down for the first seven days. When you eat nothing at all, your body burns calories at an accelerated rate. That is, it is preferable to nibble rather than skip meals if at all possible. The explanation behind this is as follows. Our bodies are designed to deal with the food resources available to us. They'll adapt their metabolic rates to deal with the reduced food supply if we just consume less calories. However, if we don't eat anything, the adrenal glands release stress

How To Prepare Yourself Mentally For An Emergency

Many people who have experienced an emergency scenario may respond in one of two ways. Either they will be frozen in time, unable to act due to fear or frenzy, or they will know exactly what they need to do because they have psychologically prepared, planned, and conditioned themselves to manage the circumstance. Emergencies occur in a variety of shapes and sizes. Natural calamities such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires come to mind for most of us. Natural catastrophes can often have unintended consequences that are as terrible as or worse than the initial cause. Accidents or assaults on persons or property are another form of emergency. A sudden catastrophic illness might elicit similar reactions as a car accident. Finally, employment loss or business collapse might cause an economic emergency. You've taken the first step toward mentally conditioning yourself by imagining an action plan for what you'd do in an emergency circumstance. Set aside some time, either alone or w

The Importance of Being Certified in CPR and First Aid

CPR and first aid certification is essential since it combines lifesaving procedures for newborns, toddlers, and adults. This certification is necessary for everyone since you never know when you may be confronted with a scenario like this, and if you are properly taught, you will be able to deal with it quickly. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should not panic and should not waste time waiting for the CPR team to arrive. This is where your CPR and first aid training or certification comes in handy. This training is essential for individuals who have young children or newborns at home. This course lasts almost a whole day and consists of two sessions. They teach you how to handle a strangled kid under the age of one year in the first session and how to treat a choked child beyond the age of one year in the second session. If you have a swimming pool and allow your children to use it, it is even more important for you to take a CPR and first aid course. You should look into

Tips for Keeping Your Emergency Supplies Organized

Would you have the essential emergency supplies you need if a tornado, storm, earthquake, flood, or other disaster or emergency struck? This could ring a bell. You have a battery box, but the excellent ones are jumbled up with the old ones. You have a flashlight collection somewhere. When you put them to the test, however, nearly none of them work. The list could go on and on of items that you most likely already have for emergency supplies but need to organize in a secure and convenient manner. But where do you look for and organize goods for an emergency pack that may be used in any situation? How do you gather emergency supplies for disasters and keep them organized and accessible when you need them? Use these tips to get your emergency preparations off to a good start. Locate commonplace items  When it comes to acquiring goods, are you concerned about your budget? Take a deep breath, since catastrophe or emergency goods don't have to be difficult to get by, expensive, or compli

8 Ways To Keep Your Pantry Organized For Emergencies

We believe that anytime is the best time to reorganize your pantry. Because the pantry is a daily hotspot in every house, it's also our favorite place to start organizing and cleaning. Are you ready to have the pantry of your dreams? Good news: it's not as difficult as you think. Here are 8 simple pointers to get you started. Ingredients should be kept together If you often prepare recipes that need for a few certain ingredients, store them together in your pantry to cut down on the time you spend looking for them. If you prepare a certain stew or season your chicken in a certain manner on a weekly basis, for example, having a section in your pantry with all of these items in one location can make cooking a lot more fun. Empty containers The bulk of pantry products come in opaque containers or cartons that make it difficult to see what's within. If you keep your pantry well-stocked, you could find yourself looking for a certain product or ingredient. If you think it'll

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