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8 Ways To Keep Your Pantry Organized For Emergencies

emergency pantry
We believe that anytime is the best time to reorganize your pantry. Because the pantry is a daily hotspot in every house, it's also our favorite place to start organizing and cleaning.

Are you ready to have the pantry of your dreams? Good news: it's not as difficult as you think. Here are 8 simple pointers to get you started.

Ingredients should be kept together

If you often prepare recipes that need for a few certain ingredients, store them together in your pantry to cut down on the time you spend looking for them.

If you prepare a certain stew or season your chicken in a certain manner on a weekly basis, for example, having a section in your pantry with all of these items in one location can make cooking a lot more fun.

Empty containers

The bulk of pantry products come in opaque containers or cartons that make it difficult to see what's within. If you keep your pantry well-stocked, you could find yourself looking for a certain product or ingredient.

If you think it'll be easier to recognize the food if it's not in its original box or container, put it in a transparent container instead.

However, in other circumstances, it may be more convenient to keep the product in its original packaging ,such as if the box often has a bright color.

Move the older food to the front of the fridge

Multiple supermarket visits are not unusual, causing older food to be pushed to the back of the cupboard. However, this results in spoiled food and money being squandered.

This is especially true for grain items that have been opened, such as bread and cereal.

Instead, store the food you've already bought towards the front of the cupboard to make sure you eat it before it spoils.

Use storage space above the door

Pantry products that hang over doors and give extra storage space are ideal.

The major goods you'll keep here are anything that takes up too much shelf space or doesn't need to be stored alongside anything else. Over-the-door storage items are also great for storing bags since they keep them in shape.

Make advantage of common home objects to expand your pantry's storage capacity

Household goods may be a clever and affordable way to add even more storage to your pantry, from crates and space-saving racks to pencil holders and magazine racks. You'll be less likely to make a mess when hunting for that one can of beans you're sure you bought three weeks ago if everything has its own particular spot or holder.

Once a week, take a look around your pantry

It doesn't have to be a large, time-consuming chore to keep your pantry organized and in good repair. Take a few minutes to perform a fast inventory as part of your weekly meal-planning process. Knowing what's in there is the greatest method to ensure that you're preparing and eating what you already have and avoiding buying duplicates.

Watch out for the expiration dates

When it comes to expiry dates, you'll be surprised. You might be clinging to canned products that have been out of date for months or even years. Check your canned products, jars, sauces, and spices for any blemishes. You'll discover what you truly use, what you have duplicates of, and what you over-purchase at the supermarket. We all buy food with the best of intentions, but expiry dates respectfully inform us when it's time to discard it. You may carefully set everything back on the shelf now that you've completed all of the sorting, cleaning, and checking. To guarantee that each item has a place, we recommend utilizing bins, baskets, or containers of your choice; this also allows you to view the food. Not only will doing this once every  six months help you keep organized, but it will also teach you to use the food you buy and only buy what you need. You'll be able to keep your pantry in good shape until the next deep clean if you use this strategy.

Make maintenance a priority

You can't expect things to stay tidy if you only clean them when they're dirty, just like you can't expect things to stay tidy if you only clean them when they're dirty. However, it only takes five or ten minutes every day to keep your pantry tidy, so make the time.

While you're waiting for meals to prepare, tidying out your cupboard is an excellent habit to get into. Making a cleaning calendar might also assist you in keeping track of the clutter.


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