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Choosing A Good Fire Escape Ladder

It is common knowledge that fires start quickly and spread even faster, causing fear in a perilous scenario. A well-prepared house is the strongest line of defense for rescuing your family in an emergency situation such as a fire. If you reside in a multistory house or apartment complex, a fire escape ladder is a must-have item for a safe departure. It is fairly typical for a building fire to prevent access to specific locations, such as stairwells and elevators. Not to add that using an elevator during a fire may be extremely risky because you have no idea where the fire has spread. Here are some pointers for selecting a dependable fire ladder that will always be available for you during an emergency.

Calculate Length

One of the first things to think about is if it is long enough to reach the ground from the window. A piece of rope, thread, or even an extension cable can be used to determine length. Drop one end of the rope out the window while holding the other end. Mark the rope with a marker or piece of tape marking the placement of the window sill. You should now either draw the rope back up or let it fall to the ground. Extend the rope from the end you dropped to the ground to the designated point outside. Take the measurement, and you'll have the minimum length for your escape ladder. Because the height of each window may differ, it is a good idea to do this for each one.

Window Dimensions

Once you've determined the length, you'll need to figure out how broad the fire ladders can be while still fitting through the window. All you need to do is measure the window's inner width. The larger the ladder, the simpler it will be to descend, especially in an emergency situation like a fire where every second counts. You should also take note of how the ladder will attach to the window sill; if there is a wide lip or protrusion, you must ensure that your ladder will fit.

Make sure the ladder complies with the fire code

The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, has evaluated every trustworthy escape ladder that is safe for residential or commercial usage. It is critical that your safety product satisfies ASTM requirements in order to secure the safety of you, your children, and your tenants. If ATSM approves the ladder, it will be marked, making it easy to recognize most of the time.

Is it easy to deploy?

Determining the length, breadth, and standard for your fire escape ladder helps determine which ladders will fit your needs. Before making a final selection, ensure that the ladder is simple to use. You will most likely only need the ladder in an emergency, and terror is normal in these instances. Begin by seeing how simple it is to deploy the fire escape ladder; if you are shopping online for price or convenience, this may not be an option, but you may phone the store's customer service to get a better sense. If you can check out the goods you're interested in at a physical store before purchasing it online.


Because failure might result in death or serious harm, escape ladders must be extremely dependable. As a solid beginning point, I would recommend reading user evaluations on escape ladders. Another excellent alternative is to contact your local fire department and get a referral. Firefighters are exposed to more flames and ladders than anybody else, therefore they should seek advise from the specialists. You may also ask specific questions regarding a fire ladder; most fire stations are delighted to answer these inquiries since it keeps everyone safer.

When you've found a fire ladder that meets the five criteria listed above, you're ready to make your purchase. For a truly safe escape, you should obtain a fire ladder for each room that is more than 10 feet from the ground. Once you have the escape ladders, you should put them in an easy-to-reach position. Do not place the ladder on a high shelf, behind boxes, or behind a stack of other goods. Because they are easy to remember and convenient to get, the most typical locations are beneath the bed or under the window. Some people even choose to attach the ladder to the exterior of the window with a fast release so that the ladder only needs to be dropped once.


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