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Emergency Flare Guns For The Outdoors

A flare gun is a large-bore handgun that fires flares. It is also called as a Very pistol or signal pistol. Typically, the flare gun is used to send out a distress signal. Although a flare gun can be used as a lethal weapon, it is not its intended role.

When shot, they shoot quickly to a height of roughly 300m (1000ft). They then burst with a loud bang, releasing a brilliantly blazing flare hanging from a small parachute that floats very slowly downward, increasing the amount of time it can be seen.

Few people understand the significance of flare guns, here are a few reasons why you should have a flare gun in your camping kit.

Communication within a group

You can utilize flare guns to communicate with other members of your group, such as if you become separated or lose your way. Most organizations will have a code for sending flare signals; for example, you can send up a red flare to signify you're in difficulty and need assistance. This function may be valuable in hunting and maritime navigation.

Requesting immediate help

One of the first things you do in an emergency is call for help, so you know help is on its way while you seek temporary relief (such as first aid and shelter). Flare guns are one of the simplest methods to do so; with a single click, you may send a message. Of course, it's more probable that you'll contact neighboring residents rather than the police, but it's faster and will keep things going while you request for assistance from the police.

Navigation and guidance

If you or someone else deviates from the pack, you can fire a flare gun to alert your friends that you've gone missing and where to locate you. Your party can also send a flare to signal their location, which will help you find your way back. This is especially important at sea and at night, when it's more difficult to keep track of everyone.

Are flare guns legal

The use of a flare gun for its intended purpose is entirely lawful. Flare guns are lawfully available to anybody over the age of 18 in most countries because authorities want individuals to be able to use flare guns in the event that someone becomes stranded and requires assistance.


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