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Learn How To Preserve Any Food With These 3 Videos

1. Preserving food in glass jars

The easiest approach to preserve foods in glass jars is to boil them down somewhat before storing them in an airtight jar in the refrigerator. In this free video on preserving food in glass jars, a professional chef shows you how to keep foods fresher for longer.

When attempting to preserve or store any food, there are numerous important considerations to keep in mind. Keep food fresher for longer by following the advice of a professional chef in this free video series on food preservation strategies.

2. Fermenting all sorts of vegetables

This video will focus on lacto fermentation (yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut), a fermentation process that transforms carbohydrates in your diet to lactic acid. By mastering a simple salt and water method, you can preserve almost any fresh vegetable you find in the market, unlocking great tastes and health advantages in your meal!

3. Learn how to cure meat

Curing dates back to antiquity and was the major method of meat preservation for thousands of years until the late nineteenth century.

Curing is mostly practiced for its cultural value and favorable influence on the texture and flavor of food, but it remains an important procedure in the production, transportation, and availability of food goods in off-grid areas.



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