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Remove Toxic Chemicals From Your Home

As people interested in emergency preparedness, we tend to accumulate a wide range of supplies, including a wide range of chemicals. Perhaps someone is gathering them in preparation for the time in case they are needed sometime in the future. You'd be surprised at what a little backyard chemistry can achieve.

If you took a quick look through your chemical cabinet, you might find a variety of toxic poisons you didn't realize you had in your home? I came across several cans of used oil-based paint that I may never use again. I suppose it's past time for me to get rid of a lot of these unnecessary poisons in my house.

The toxic effects of these malicious toxic chemicals on family members and household pets are a major source of concern for many people. After realizing the dangers of my hoarding, I gathered all of these unwanted items from all corners of my house and garage and transported them to a local hazardous waste drop-off facility. While I was there, I took a quick look at the plethora of other related products and compiled the following list.

Paints, varnishes, thinners, and solvents, as well as wood preservatives, rust removers, and various toxic driveway sealer compounds, were high on the list.

Next, we'll look at a large collection of chemicals related to automobiles. Gasoline, brake fluids, transmission oil, kerosene, power steering fluid, charcoal lighter, used motor oil and filters, and used antifreeze were among the items on the list.

The items listed for use in the home included spot remover compounds, rug cleaners, metal cleaners, oven sprays, bathroom cleaners, and drain cleaners, among others.

We eat the foods that pesticides protect, so they pose a significant risk. Insecticides, flea products, weed killers, moth balls and crystals, and various fertilizers are among the items that fall into this category.

Finally, we have a variety of miscellaneous items on the list, including photographic chemical supplies, acids and corrosives of various types, swimming pool chemicals, mercury thermometers, and compact fluorescent style light bulbs.

While we can't completely eliminate many of these items, we can easily switch to a safer and greener alternative in many cases. I hope that my current housecleaning efforts have made my home a little safer and more comfortable.


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