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Common Weeds You Can Consume as Emergency Nutrition

The majority of people go about their daily lives, expecting little change and planning for even less, not anticipating a food shortage. However, calamities do occur, and shop shelves are frequently emptied quickly. Most people are unaware, however, that there are edible weeds that may be found in or around the common backyard. Many of the edible weeds may be found in your yard, near your driveway, alongside roadways, and so on. In this post, we'll discuss five common weeds that are edible. Please keep in mind that you must be able to positively identify any wild plants before consuming them, since there are wild plants that appear or are extremely similar to the weeds we'll be discussing yet are possibly deadly to consume. Because plant identification is outside the scope of this essay, I recommend that you do your homework and study before eating any wild plants or fruits. There are several plant identification field guides available, many of which include color photographs a

Seniors' Top Self-Defense Weapons

The only thing you should be concerned about in your senior years is how to enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Senior folks must now, more than ever, be concerned about their personal safety and take the necessary precautions for an emergency that may be life threatening. 1. For your key-chain, a compact, lightweight Pepper Spray  If you use a wheel chair or walker, you can store one in the chair's pouch so that you always have one on hand. Always aim for the eyes and get to safety as quickly as possible. 2. Personal alarms They're an essential addition to your safety toolbox. The 110 db warning might be the difference between life and death when you need help. This applies to both security and medical issues. A personal alarm can help you receive the support you need if you need it for any reason. 3. Dog Chaser with Electronics  This will assist you in remaining safe when walking about your neighborhood or local parks. It uses

How To Shelter-In-Place at a Moment's Notice

How do you take cover? 1. Lock all windows in your car and house, including the inside and exterior doors. Your windows and doors should be securely sealed and secured. All passengers in your car and inhabitants in your house will be in grave risk if any windows or doors are left open. 2. To avoid bringing in outside air, turn off all fans, heating, and air conditioning equipment. If you're inside your house or car, make sure all of the heating and air conditioning fans are turned off. This involves circulating air throughout your vehicle. While several manufacturers have greatly improved air filters, the risk of bringing dangerous substances into your car or house is never worth it. 3. Get your first aid kit, radio, and N95 masks ready. Remove the N95 masks from your emergency pack and wrap them around your mouth and nose. Take out your emergency radio and listen for any announcements on the shelter-in-place order. 4. Go to an above-ground room with no windows. Go to a room with n

Have You Given Your Children the Tools They Need To Survive During an Emergency

How do you train your children to face adversity? It is your responsibility as parents and elders to introduce children to preparation exercises at an early age. The fact is that most individuals who are faced with survival are not alone. You have a family, which makes the work more difficult but also more motivating to complete and live. People have been living for millennia with children who did not have access to all of the contemporary comforts. You must discover ways to keep your children safe while doing all of the activities that must be completed in order to survive. Being prepared is critical for the entire family since they will rely on you for advice and assistance in surviving any disaster. Preparing children for natural catastrophes will be a difficult task for everyone. Knowing what to educate your children ahead of time can ensure that they have the required survival skills. When it comes to surviving with children, the first worry is their safety. Because children aren&

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