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How To Shelter-In-Place at a Moment's Notice

How do you take cover?

1. Lock all windows in your car and house, including the inside and exterior doors.

Your windows and doors should be securely sealed and secured. All passengers in your car and inhabitants in your house will be in grave risk if any windows or doors are left open.

2. To avoid bringing in outside air, turn off all fans, heating, and air conditioning equipment.

If you're inside your house or car, make sure all of the heating and air conditioning fans are turned off. This involves circulating air throughout your vehicle. While several manufacturers have greatly improved air filters, the risk of bringing dangerous substances into your car or house is never worth it.

3. Get your first aid kit, radio, and N95 masks ready.

Remove the N95 masks from your emergency pack and wrap them around your mouth and nose. Take out your emergency radio and listen for any announcements on the shelter-in-place order.

4. Go to an above-ground room with no windows.

Go to a room with no windows and is above ground level if you're within your house. This guarantees that you have the best possibility of limiting your exposure to toxic substances. Some chemicals are heavier than others and are thus unable to go above ground. As a result, it's best to seek refuge above ground.

5. Seal all openings around doors and vents using duct tape from your emergency kit.

Seal all cracks around your windows and doors using duct tape from your emergency pack, whether inside your car or at home. The space between your doors and windows becomes your most vulnerable area of vulnerability. A little hole might expose you to dangerous substances and cause serious damage. Duct tape is utilized to assist establish an airtight seal, which ensures your safety.

Follow these measures to be prepared the next time a shelter-in-place order is issued. Always have your personal emergency kit and roadside emergency kit on hand; it's not just a bag; it's your family's life.


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