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Seniors' Top Self-Defense Weapons

The only thing you should be concerned about in your senior years is how to enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Senior folks must now, more than ever, be concerned about their personal safety and take the necessary precautions for an emergency that may be life threatening.

1. For your key-chain, a compact, lightweight Pepper Spray 

If you use a wheel chair or walker, you can store one in the chair's pouch so that you always have one on hand. Always aim for the eyes and get to safety as quickly as possible.

2. Personal alarms

They're an essential addition to your safety toolbox. The 110 db warning might be the difference between life and death when you need help. This applies to both security and medical issues. A personal alarm can help you receive the support you need if you need it for any reason.

3. Dog Chaser with Electronics 

This will assist you in remaining safe when walking about your neighborhood or local parks. It uses flashing lights as well as a 130 db ultrasonic frequency to scare away aggressive dogs. This is ideal for whether you're walking your dog or simply walking alone in public where you could be attacked by an off-leash dog.

4. Home alarm system with auto dialer

Criminals prefer preying on the elderly, so you may not return home to find an intruder. If it detects motion in your home, it will notify you and give you the choice of phoning the cops rather than confronting the criminal and being harmed.

5. Stun gun

It's a compact, lightweight, and simple to use stun gun. It fits comfortably in your palm or pocket and may be used on the assailant even if he touches you because the electricity does not travel through you.

All of the things on this list are lightweight and simple to use, which is a trait you should look for in any self-defense weapon you purchase. When attempting to defend oneself against an attack, the last thing you need is extra stress.


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