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Video: Start Preparing For Food Scarcity

In this video Kris is going to show you how to best store your food and other supplies to keep them fresh and safe for a long time.  Learn why we need to start preparing for food shortages, environmental disasters, and other disruptions. Prepare for food shortages, so that you and your family can survive in the tough times ahead. There is a major global food shortage looming because of climate change and we need to be prepared.

First Aid for Psychological Trauma and Disaster Recovery

Psychological first aid training should be regarded an essential component of any emergency pack. When we think of an emergency kit, we usually think of items like emergency food, water, and shelter, all of which are critical for reacting to situations. However, learning psychological first aid is just as crucial in recovering from a crisis. Mental illnesses can develop as a result of a crisis. This essay will seek to illuminate realistic methods that everyone may apply to assist in disaster and emergency recovery. Things that might assist or hinder your psychological healing. Psychological first aid can help you get back on your feet after a distressing experience.  The following are recommendations for rehabilitation: Spending time with others or talking to another individual for assistance; Concentrating on something practical you can do right now to improve your scenario management; Distracting yourself with beneficial activities (sports, hobbies, reading); Practicing relaxation te

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