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An Overview of Emergency Communication Preparedness

In this video, Ham Radio Crash Course takes a look at the importance of emergency communication preparedness and how to prepare for it. We will cover the following topics: The Importance of Emergency Communication, Preparing for Emergencies, General Guidelines for Family Communication, Preparing Your Home and Family, Preparing Your Business or Employee Organization.

Topics covered in the video

00:00 - Intro 01:05 - What is EmComm
05:48 - What Do We Transmit? 
07:54 - Effectiveness of Radio 
10:12 - How Radios Work 
14:40 - Types of Radio Services 
21:18 - What is Ham Radio? 
23:04 - Focus on communication goals 
24:30 - P.A.C.E Planning 26:41 - What To Do During An Emergency 
29:35 - Frequency Planning / Coordination 
32:22 - Wilderness Protocol 
35:22 - Keep it brief 39:29 - Gear recomendations 
44:21 - Live Questions


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