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Working from Home During a Hurricane

It's hurricane season, which means that strong storms are always a possibility until November, when we'll be salting the roads in preparation for snow. First and foremost, be safe. Take the appropriate steps to ensure that you are ready for the impending storm and any crises that may arise as a consequence of the damage. Once you're sure you're ready, follow our advice to make the most of a remote workday. While we cannot control the weather, technology has enabled us to work from anywhere in many circumstances, allowing business activities to continue from the comfort and safety of our homes. Have a strategy As hurricane season approaches, consider any new job factors that may be impacted. Then devise a strategy to achieve those requirements. For example, backup power sources, internet connection, and other necessities are frequently included. If you rely on grid electricity, for example, make sure you have a backup generator or alternative power source. Also, make sur

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