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How to Gather Pure Drinking Water from Plants

This video is a demonstration of how to harvest potable, clean water from plants. By tying a plastic bag over a leafy branch and allowing the plant to transpire into the bag, you can collect water from plants. It is a practical method for obtaining pure, clean water. The drawback is that gathering enough water to sustain yourself requires a lot of plastic bags. This approach works better as an additional water source.

The most crucial resource in a survival situation is water. At an average outdoor temperature, you can go 100 hours without drinking. Water is frequently scarce or unfit for consumption in many settings. 

Thankfully, there are often some plants nearby. Because plants absorb water from the ground and filter out many impurities in the water, you can extract clean water from them. Water evaporates from the leaves of plants, a process known as transpiration, and this water can be gathered. This procedure is non-destructive, won't harm the plant, and can be used repeatedly on various branches.


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