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How Long is Freeze-Dried Food Good For After it Has Been Opened?

Most manufacturers recommend using opened packages within one to three weeks of opening — Treat any leftover food as if it were fresh. However, in ideal storage conditions, the product can last for months or even years after opening.
When you open a can of freeze-dried food, it is automatically exposed to two elements in the air: oxygen and moisture. That's why it's critical to use a plastic lid to keep as much moisture out of an open can of food as possible. For 6 to 12 months, you can open the can and eat the contents.The shelf life of food after it has been opened depends on a few different factors. These are a few of them:

      1. The food's quality when it is first opened
      2. The amount of oxygen and moisture exposure to food
      3. Food's degree of exposure to heat and light

The food's quality when it is first opened: The more likely it is that the food inside the container has deteriorated, the older the storage gets and the more fluctuating temperatures it is exposed to -- below freezing and above 80 degrees. How much food is exposed to moisture and oxygen: The food is exposed to air the moment the container is opened. Moisture and oxygen are both present in air. For many organisms to survive, oxygen is necessary. The rate at which product quality -- nutrition and taste -- degrades is directly proportional to the air's humidity (moisture content). The extent of heat and light exposure to food The rate at which food deteriorates is significantly influenced by temperature. Food loses its quality more quickly and stays safe and edible for a shorter period of time at higher temperatures. Since many organisms need light to grow, being exposed to light also has a negative effect on health.

What You Should Do

Once your food storage has been opened, you can extend its shelf life by removing the negative effects mentioned above. The coolest, darkest, and most airtight environment is ideal for food storage. Once the container has been opened, take into account the following options to prolong the shelf life of the food.

What has not been consumed should be placed in a freezer bag with a zip top. Refill the can with the bagged food, then shut the lid.

Fill containers with an airtight seal with the remaining food.

Commercially available sealants can make a space airtight. Repackage the food in the can and fasten the plastic lid.

In general, food can be preserved longer by refrigeration or freezing. Use a pantry, cupboard, etc. if you don't have a lot of refrigeration or frozen storage space.

Food kept in a #10 can or a bucket generally keeps well for up to a year after opening, depending on the aforementioned factors. When selecting which foods to use, use your best judgment. Verify that the food smells normal to see if it is still of acceptable quality. A further method is to taste it or use it in cooking. Continue using the finished product if the quality is satisfactory. Old food still has some caloric and mineral value even though it has lost some of its nutritional value over time. It might still contain some nutrients that are necessary for life. The information presented above is meant to serve as a general guideline. Due to the numerous influencing factors, every situation is distinct.


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