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Medical ID: The App That Can Save Your Life (For Android Only)

A medical profile can be created with Medical ID and be accessed from your lock screen. In an emergency, profiles allow quick access to crucial information that is necessary for first responders, medics, or medical staff to take action, such as your allergies, blood type, medical contacts, etc. Even when the app is closed, you can still share your location with emergency contacts (for up to 24 hours or until you stop sharing).

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  • Quick access to medical data from your lock screen. 
  • Support for multiple profiles (e.g. your husband, wife, children). 
  • ICE contacts definition and direct call from your lock screen. 
  • Alert feature to send an SMS in one tap (including your estimated location). 
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation. Current location information (address, GPS coordinates). 
  • Nearby hospitals localisation. 
  • Compass.


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