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How To Prepare Yourself For A Stay At A Shelter

Prepare yourself. People who are prepared for emergencies are more likely to survive an emergency than those who are not. During an emergency, state or municipal governments may encourage the general population to go to a shelter. The site and location of the shelter will most likely not be publicized until the emergency occurs and officials know where to put up secure areas for people to go. In case of an emergency, keep a battery-powered radio on hand with additional batteries. Listen to officials when they warn you to stay put or go to a shelter. Don't expect regular forms of contact. Electricity may be out, and phones, including cell phones, and wireless gadgets may be inoperable. Your battery-powered radio and backup batteries are your best hope for receiving official information. Emergency personnel do their utmost to make people comfortable, but being completely self-sufficient is the best course of action. If you need to evacuate to a shelter, having everything you need for

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