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How to Make a Portable Toilet in an Emergency

What you will need A bucket of reasonable size (4.25-5.25 gallon buckets will do) Scented twist-tie trash bags Antibacterial hand-sanitizers, liquid soap, wet wipes Bleach, sand, sawdust, clumping cat litter sand, shredded paper to be utilized as a toilet filler  How to assemble the emergency toilet bucket Using a trash bag, line the bucket. The toilet filler should be placed at the bottom of the container to prevent spills and absorb liquids. Make a bleach solution by combining 1 part bleach with 10 parts water (1:10). How to use the emergency toilet bucket Fill the bucket with bleach solution when you've finished using it (to help prevent air-born contaminants from spreading). Close the toilet bag between usage with a twist knot. To cleanse your hands, use liquid soap or a sanitizing wipe. How to manage the toilet waste The toilet bags should be changed on a daily basis. Do not dispose of the waste-filled bags in the trash. Collect the bags until a way to properly dispose of them

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