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Thoughts On The ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply

Wise Company has built a reputation for themselves as the creators of some of the greatest disaster preparedness meals, with an emphasis on quality, prepared foods. Natural catastrophes and emergency circumstances can occur at any moment, and knowing that you and your family have everything you need during that time is critical. Wise Company provides everything you need for emergencies as well as your next camping or hiking excursion, from vital survival equipment to fresh, nutritional pre-packaged meals. Wise Company has a large range of grocery goods for you to stock up on, ranging from freeze dried proteins and veggies to pantry staples like milk and butter. Not only that, but they also provide pre-made kits that include up to a year’s worth of food, ensuring that you will not go hungry no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Wise Company is an excellent alternative for survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts due to its low prices and one-stop shopping concept. When it comes

How To Prepare Your Long-Term Food Storage

Every year, disasters and emergencies impact hundreds of thousands of lives, and the number appears to be growing if the current worldwide pandemic is included. Every tragedy or epidemic has long-term consequences, such as people being deprived of basic necessities such as food and water. After all that we've gone through in recent years, you can't help but wonder whether a food crisis is on the way. Given the growing cost of groceries, the halt in meat packing production, failing farms, labor difficulties, and political upheavals, one might think that food storage is on the horizon. To prepare for and survive a food shortage, identify potential risks in your area, inventory your current resources (especially food and water), develop a food storage plan to grow both short and long term food storage, start a garden (even if it's small or only indoors), learn to preserve foods that you buy or grow yourself, raise chickens and other livestock, and stock up on other emergency p

Freeze dried foods: The history, the process, and advantages

Usually, ninety-eight percent of the water content is removed, which makes the weight of the freeze dried food light. This reduction in weight also significantly lowers the cost of shipping the freeze dried food -- adding to many of its known advantages: Long shelf life, low storage costs, great taste, and appearance). Freeze dried foods are popular because they require no additional refrigeration, while shipping and storage costs are very low. In addition, freeze-dried food is unstained, because the dehydration process precludes the survival of yeast and other harmful bacteria during and after the manufacturing process. Lastly, the food keeps most of its texture and flavor as it is prepared by adding water to it. A minor drawback of freeze-dried foods are the costs involved in its production. The equipment utilized in the process is rather costly, and the process is both labor-heavy and time consuming. Consumers usually bear the brunt by paying high prices for freeze dried foods as th

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